About Martine Barclay

Hi, I’m Martine Barclay and I provide coaching for busy professionals in Sydney.

I help professionals who are challenged with the competing demands of modern life become the calmest version of themselves. Through hearing what really matters and connecting patterns of behaviour, I provide insight and opportunities for you to consider alternative ways to be.

Together, we’ll explore how you can continue to achieve while decreasing your stress levels.

Helping professionals overcome stress from modern life

Let’s face it. It’s pretty competitive out there. Whether it’s ensuring you’re not being left behind at work or making the time for what you want to do. It all takes time and effort.

Depending on your tolerance for stress, it could be influencing how you spend your time, and how you connect with others. In addition to these challenges you may have noticed you are craving less healthy foods, your work practices are slipping, you increasingly disagree with others, it’s harder to make decisions and get a good night’s sleep without assistance. You may also be experiencing a physical response to stress like a pounding heart, lack of energy and frequent colds.

If this is the case, then your future achievements are limited by how you manage your stress levels and it may be time to get help.

Most people don’t understand stress

Even though we all experience some level of stress it continues to be a life challenge that is not well understood. Stress usually surfaces when a strategy that used to work for you, no longer works for you. In fact, it could have started working against you. When this happens it’s time to adopt different ways to effectively manage your stress before permanent damage is done.

Because there’s a widely held belief that one must experience stress to achieve goals and you should be able to manage it, there may be another challenge for you, and that is the challenge of knowing your boundaries, focusing on what’s important and standing up for what you value. You may feel you can’t talk about how stressed you are because you fear it shows weakness or others depend on you and you don’t want to worry them. Keeping it bottled up inside just makes it worse.

It’s possible to start feeling less stressed and be successful

As your coach, I will listen to you, challenge your thinking and support you to make sustainable changes so you can continue to achieve in a more wholesome way. With my experience in supporting professionals in law, accounting, investment banking and retail I totally get how things can ‘get out of whack’ when we’ve been busy. We need to regularly check-in and actively manage our stress levels.

Coaching sessions with me will help you:

  • Identify your own symptoms of stress
  • Find ways to reduce your stress effectively
  • Recognise boundaries that need to be re-negotiated or established
  • Gain confidence to communicate your thoughts and ideas with impact
  • Engage more meaningfully with those around you
  • Focus on the things that matter
  • Experience more joy in your day to day activities
  • Feel a significant reduction in worry, fear and anxiety

Coaching can help you establish sustainable behaviours that protect against day-to-day stressors and mitigate against the effects of intense periods of stress.

A little about my professional background

I hold a Bachelors of Social Science (Industrial Psychology) from the University of Cape Town, Postgraduate Diploma in HR from Thames Valley University, Life and Organisational Coach accreditations and I am an accredited Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and SMART group facilitator. I have completed a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and I also hold a variety of accreditations for leadership assessment and personal development tools.

Prior to coaching full-time, I worked inside top tier firms including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs JBWere, KPMG, King & Wood Mallesons, Norton Rose Fullbright, Optus and House of Fraser developing their talent for the future. It gave me a unique insight on the pressures of working in those environments, and what it takes to be truly successful in them.

My current clients come from a range of organisations and professional service firms.

Coaching can provide you with clarity

Meeting with a coach can help professionals with too much on their plate prioritise and feel back in control.

Let’s talk about how I can help you. Reach out for a confidential conversation about your situation. During our conversation I will provide you with some insights and explain how we could work together. Call me on +61 427 357 607 before you get distracted by something else.

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