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How do you talk about what you do?

First impressions count! Research suggests we have made up our mind about a person within 3 seconds of meeting them. Do you explain what you do in an easy to understand way that generates further conversation? Take a look at a recommended model to help you craft your message.


Ways to increase client satisfaction

Client needs are many and varied. Here are some simple yet effective strategies for you to use to keep close to your clients and meet their ongoing needs. Download Ways to increase client satisfaction.


Do you drink to de-stress?

We all expect our jobs to be a source of stress at various points in time. If you have adopted a strategy that involves regular drinking of alcohol you may want to reconsider once you have read this article.


How do you practice mindfulness?

It may surprise you - there is no one way to practice mindfulness. Some ways may suit you better than others when you’re first starting out. Depending how strong your preferences are for taking in information, it may determine how you prefer to practice mindfulness. What is your learning style?

Visual learners tend to prefer to have a point of focus or visual meditations. Auditory learners tend to prefer guided meditations and chanting. Kinsetheic learners tend to prefer breathing exercises.

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