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Not sure if you should keep doing what you're doing?

I get you have invested a lot in your career. You may have even sacrificed things along the way. All the more reason to have someone in your corner, with no vested interest, helping you decide what's next.

Where we start depends entirely on your circumstances.

  • If you know work is not working out for you, I’ll help you understand why and show you what you could consider doing so that it does work for you. It doesn't have to mean leaving where you are.
  • If you suddenly realized you didn’t want the next ten years to look like the last, I’ll help you work out what your options are so you can go out and get it.
  • If you feel that working longer or harder is no longer working, I’ll show you an alternative way to approach your work and boost your productivity.
  • If you’re trying to figure out what jobs to apply for, I’ll show you how it’s not actually about the role…but more about being the candidate that no firm can resist.
  • If you continue to find yourself in roles that don’t pan out, I’ll introduce you to a new way of choosing a role designed to empower you and break your old decision making patterns.

By taking control of your own destiny, uncovering your blind spots, and learning how to approach work, you will have instant power and control over your career. Better yet, you’ll have internal peace in knowing that you’re going to make all the right decisions for all your future opportunities.



Taking care of yourself is the first step in leading others

Feeling overwhelmed by ALL the demands put on you? Perhaps you have been recently promoted and feeling the strain of the extra responsibility OR you have a sense that your relationships aren't as good as they used to be OR you've noticed your effectiveness declining.

You want to find a more sustainable way to work and live and you don't know where to start.

This tailored coaching program provides an opportunity for you to;

  • explore your resilience at work and outside of work;
  • gain some expert guidance and support on how to respond to your specific challenges;
  • harness your inner resources to maximize your potential; and,
  • build your resilience to meet current and future needs.
Each participant receives a personalised coaching experience based on their results from the Managerial & Executive Wellbeing Survey (MEWS) and tailored approach to their wellbeing priorities.



Ready to work smarter and increase your profitability?

This coaching program is designed specifically for practice building professionals who want to increase their influence in their market AND increase the profitability of their practice WITHOUT working longer hours.

Everyone has the ability to build a profitable practice - irrespective of what they do.

This 9-month coaching program includes;
  • Regular coaching sessions
  • Embedding a mindfulness approach
  • Online self assessments
  • Tailored training to meet your specific needs
  • Phone and email support

In this transformational coaching program you will cover all of the elements that contribute to a profitable practice and more!


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