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Wellbeing can be a delicate balancing act. It doesn't have to be.

Sustainable wellbeing can be achieved. Wellbeing implies a sense of thriving, flourishing, being fully alive and living life to the full, as well as feeling balanced, calm and at ease.

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Wellbeing impacts how you connect with others, how you perform your work, and how you feel each day.

When you understand what internal resources you have and how they assist you, you can learn to manage them for maximum wellbeing.

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The MEWS (Managerial Executive Wellbeing Survey) framework provides a comprehensive assessment of your wellbeing at the time of completing the survey.

Your personal wellbeing report will show you;
- what specific resources you have to enhance your performance to reach optimal levels
- what behaviours are preventing you from working in a more sustainable way
- which areas to prioritise to enhance your wellbeing and day to day performance

Included in this package is a 90 minute debrief and a tailored development plan for you to implement to achieve maximum wellbeing.

$495, including GST, per report

To request a sample report, email Martine at

Offer ends 31 March 2017

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Wellbeing Self Report Guarantee

I am confident you will find your Personal Wellbeing Report insightful and beneficial.

The refund policy is to provide a full refund, less a materials/registration fee of $100, for requests made prior to completing the MEWS survey.

Fees will not be refunded after completing the MEWS survey online.

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