Recovery is possible

Helping professionals maintain recovery
 If you are struggling with recovery while working, I understand how difficult that can be.

You might feel like some days are easier than others. Or you could be questioning your commitment to recovery as it’s so hard. It might feel like you are really alone and need a guide to support you on your journey.

You might feel embarrassed to open up about what you’ve been up to, even to friends and family, let alone colleagues. Getting help from a coach like me can help you talk more freely about your cravings, how to manage them effectively and maintain recovery, while you are continuing to earn.

Here are some specific challenges that I can help you with.

As a professional challenged with maintaining recovery you may be feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by the desire to re-engage in the unhelpful behaviour
  • Flat now that you do not engage in that behaviour
  • Resentful that others aren’t supporting you in your recovery
  • Disappointed with yourself that you got yourself into this situation
  • Apprehensive about social engagements

Even if you are feeling distracted with feelings like these, recovery coaching can help.

As your recovery coach, I can help you maintain recovery
I can help you sort through the issues that have contributed to your engaging in unhelpful behaviours and provide you with support, so you can resolve them.

As an accredited SMART facilitator I know how important it is to focus on strategies to support your day-to-day challenges.

I understand what you may be going through, with both wanting to make changes and also fearful of no longer belonging. Or perhaps you’re apprehensive that you may relapse and lose the support of those dear to you. That’s why I provide a supportive environment for you to discover what changes are required and how to navigate those choices.

Most people would describe me as non-judgmental, empathetic, and creative, which is important when you are trying to discover how you can move forward with your life.

Recovery coaching can improve your life

Recovery coaching can provide the support you need to help you find your way towards a more fulfilled life. Even if you’re feeling down now, I can help guide you in making lasting, positive changes in your life.

Recovery coaching can help you:
●     Participate in functions without the fear of relapse
●     Build relationships one conversation at a time
●     Feel younger and empowered
●     Change your relationship to your craving
●     Boost your confidence to remove yourself from situations that are unhelpful

It’s not easy managing your sustained recovery but the good news is that it’s possible. And I have the experience to help you.

Take the next step, reach out for a confidential conversation
If you are challenged by the process of recovery and want to reclaim your strength and confidence, reach out to me for your confidential exploratory conversation at +61 427 357 607 or by emailing me at

Not sure if recovery coaching is what you need?

It can be daunting to realise you have developed a habit that is no longer serving you. Particularly when you are smart and can do anything when you put your mind to it. If you are questoning whether your behaviour is problematic, chances are you need to talk it over with someone.

Get in touch for a confidential conversation to help you work out what your next steps could be.