Sleep is the secret sauce for wellbeing
Helping busy professionals wake up feeling refreshed every day!
If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, I know how frustrating it can be especially when you have a busy day ahead of you.

You might feel like some nights are better than others. Or you could be thinking this is your weakness and you just need to work around it. Or you could feel irritated that a good rest is not guaranteed when your head hits the pillow.

You might feel rattled that you’re unable to sleep well and embarrassed to open up to friends and family about it. They may be as confused as you are about why it eludes you. Getting help from a coach like me can help you explore your sleep and waking patterns, your bedtime routine and how you support yourself to get a good night’s sleep.

Here are some specific challenges that I can help you with.

As a busy professional challenged with waking refreshed every day you may be feeling:
●     Dependant on medication to sleep
●     Disinterested because you have so little energy to spare
●     Cheated that a natural activity is so problematic for you
●     Envious at how easy quality sleep comes to others
●     Distressed at the long term consequences if you continue down this path

Even if you are feeling like you’ve tried everything, coaching can help.

I can help you implement proven techniques that will enable you to get quality rest.

During my late teens and into early adulthood I struggled with my sleep patterns. I was either sleeping too much or not enough. It resurfaced again when I had children and I had to re-learn how to wake up feeling refreshed. As anyone who has experienced irregular sleep patterns knows, it takes intentional effort to re-learn how to optimise their sleep.

I understand that irregular sleep patterns can develop due to the demands of modern life and work, however, I also know how important a restorative rest is for your mental and physical wellbeing. And how you might feel silly looking for support to re-learn how to achieve that. That’s why I provide a safe place for you to discuss and explore your relationship with sleep and determine the path you feel best fits your needs.

Most people describe me as a good listener, logical and open minded, which is helpful when supporting others to develop their sleep routines and sleep hygiene practices.

Coaching to improve the quality of sleep can improve your physical and mental wellbeing and relationships with others.

Coaching can provide you with the support you need to determine your ideal sleep routine, optimal sleep amount and identify those activities that prevent you from sleeping well. Even if you’re feeling incapable now, I can help guide you on how to achieve your goal of regularly accomplishing a restorative sleep.

Coaching can help you:
●    Develop a night time routine to fall asleep
●    Concentrate better and connect with those around you more easily
●     Feel better throughout the day
●     Phase out your fear of having a ‘bad’ sleep
●     Eliminate the fear of planning activities around an irregular sleep patterns

It’s not easy being sleep deprived but the good news is that it’s possible to re-learn how to wake up feeling refreshed after a sleep. And I have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Take the next step, reach out for coaching
If you are challenged by your irregular sleep patterns and want to start learning how to sleep better, to better engage in your life, both at work and at home, reach out to me for your confidential conversation at +61 427 357 607 or by emailing me at today.

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