Take the guesswork out of your situation

When I work directly with clients I combine my corporate talent leadership experience, career coaching and therapy skills to develop a unique solution for the situation. 


I know you're managing lots of different demands on your time and energy and you have limited resources to commit... and you need a solution that's going to blend in with them. That's how I work best!

It's hard to work towards a vision when you're distracted by external events or the foundations are precarious or lacking in depth, especially when you think you should have achieved more by now. 

Now that doesn't mean you have to become someone else or that you have to lower your expectations for yourself.

You will accelerate your vision when you quieten your mind, leverage your strengths and develop a strategy of consistent action. Then it's about looking out for the right opportunities and executing well on them. 

That’s why when we first work together, I’ll focus on getting to know you and understanding how you want to 'show up' in your world. From there, together we'll identify the strategies, behaviours and relationships to transform and build so you can realise your vision.

Setting you up for success, improved wellbeing and renewed hope for your future. 

What's different about Martine? 

  • My skills have been developed over a number of years working both in organisations and for myself 
  • My work experience has been in international market leading organisations or challenger brands in their category
  • I've worked with leaders, CEOs and Managing Partners, I know how they think
  • I have established careers in both London and Australia
  • I have led teams both internationally and nationally
  • My HR, Learning & Talent roles provided me with opportunities to work with all roles and abilities in organisations
  • My therapy training enables me to work with clients at a deeper level, facilitating lasting change
  • I have specialist skills in Sleep, Anxiety and Careers, with lots of relevant experience, not just a personal story
  • My work and life experience enables me to take a holistic approach because everything is interconnected
  • I firmly believe that our behaviours reflect our strengths and our struggles, and that right now you're doing the best you can with what you've got! 

How you can work with me