How to Sleep Better for Adults

Harness the Power of Sleep to lift your productivity and engagement

One of the fastest ways to better health and wellbeing is through the healing powers of sleep.

However most adults underestimate the role of sleep, preferring to adopt short-cut strategies which are either harmful in the long-term or hard to maintain, resulting in little to no improvement and an ongoing frustration with sleep.

In the How to Sleep Better Online Program you’ll learn how to combine sleep best practice with your sleep needs, which will keep you energised and engaged in your busy life naturally. You will unlock your sleep code which you can then adapt based on your changing needs i.e. work, family or travel. 

Unlike other sleep programs that prescribe one way of achieving a healthy night’s sleep, this program shows you how you can shape your sleep regime based on your needs, which don’t always stay the same. The program combines the latest sleep research, step-by-step worksheets and group coaching so you can fully explore your sleep needs, abilities and opportunities to sleep.

And the best part is, you can do it online, with others who are also looking to improve their sleep experience. Whether you have always struggled to sleep or it is a recent thing for you, the content and structure of this program will teach you how to diagnose your sleep challenge, the steps you need to take to improve your sleep experience and how to make adjustments to meet changing environment needs.


Building the Platform

Your shortcut to laying the foundation for a successful, fulfilling career - no matter what industry you're in

No doubt there are lots of people doing the same job, at the same level as you with the same aspirations. What differentiates each of you is how you go about achieving them.

Some will want to take a structured approach focusing on the experiences and tasks that perhaps need to be completed in order to move forward. Or perhaps self-doubt prevents them from getting out of the detail and keeps them mainly in the ‘doing space’.

For others, they will want to focus on the relationships and perhaps skip over some experiences and tasks. They want to work in harmony with their colleagues and clients which at times prevents them from confidently providing feedback. Or they have so many ideas it’s hard to select one to focus on.

In both cases they work longer hours than they need to and set themselves up for burnout and heartache.

If any of this describes you… I get it.  

I want to help you leverage your strengths, manage your energy, and honour your values so you can achieve sustainable success on your own terms.   

This is what we do together in Building the Platform.