Say goodbye to sleep problems and regain your sleep confidence, without being dependent on a sleep aid. 

Sleep aids mask the underlying issue causing your sleep problem and if you ignore it for long enough, it can really take hold making it harder to overcome when your sleep aid no longer works.


If you are using a sleep aid to avoid dealing with your sleep problem, e.g. get to sleep, stay asleep or to wake feeling refreshed, then you do need to look at the underlying issue preventing you from sleeping naturally. Even if using a sleep aid has just become a habit. 


Sleep occurs when a combination of biological and psychological systems work in tandem to complement one another. If you are experiencing sleep problems, it is a sign that they are out of balance and need re-calibrating.


The longer you leave your sleep problem, the longer it will take to overcome it, possibly causing more harm in the meantime. Insomnia, a catch-all diagnosis for sleep problems, is diagnosed after a month of sleep problems, waking tired or feeling tired throughout the day.


Research shows that psychological approaches to sleep problems is more effective in the long term than sleep aids or medication.


If you would like to resolve your sleep problem naturally then you may benefit from proven psychological approaches instead of relying on a sleep aid.


60% of Australians report troubles with sleep. Unfortunately most of them do not seek help until they start to experience a chronic illness

Don't let this be YOU. 

Sleep Health Foundation Report, 2019


Joanne - Marketing Consultant

"I've had sleep issues all my life and been taking medication for a loooong time. Your insights were incredible. I now understand my attitude to sleeping tablets. Over the last 6 weeks I have been able to halve my dosage and still fall asleep.

Thank you Martine for the coaching session"

Jeanette - Retired Executive

"After so many years of not being able to go to sleep and stay asleep, I was really skeptical that Martine could help me. Initially there was a small change however with Martine's encouragement my sleep continued to improve and I managed to consistently sleep for 7 hours! A miracle!

I am so grateful I found Martine and she has been able to help me."


Struggling to wake feeling refreshed every morning?   

I was too until I got fed up of people telling me it was because I had a busy lifestyle, with a full-time job and young children. 

Turns out primary carers lose 6 months sleep in the first 2 years of their child's life. And that's if they only have 1 child! Not to mention the impact of the disruption to healthy sleep patterns. 

It took me ages to get mine back on track and I put on a lot of weight in the meantime. Finally, through learning, experimentation and patience I learnt how to crack my own sleep code.

As a psychotherapist, with specialist sleep training and lived experience, I know the harmful impacts lack of sleep can have on your mental and physical wellbeing. So don't delay in dealing with your sleep challenge. Life's too short for poor sleep. 

Work with me to learn how you can improve your sleep experience. 



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