Whatever the addiction, it affects everyone, not just the addict. 


"There are healthier ways to manage stress. Let me teach you"

Prolonged periods of unmanaged stress can lead to unhelpful behaviours which can develop into an addiction.  Addiction is most commonly associated with alcohol, drugs (illicit and prescription), and gambling however people do also become addicted to technology (gaming and porn), shopping and work (workaholic). Binge behaviours are also considered a sign of addiction. Your addiction has a purpose, let's find out what it is, so we can replace it with a healthier alternative!

I need a drink!

You don't consider yourself addicted, yet you probably are. You look forward to Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when you can get together with friends, drink and have fun. 

It is fun. Until you have that next drink which dissolves your inhibitions, unlocks another side of you and leads you to behave in ways you would rather forget.

We've all done it. The difference is this has become a regular thing for you.

You don't have to drink to feel good, confident, interesting or fun. There are more effective ways that mean you can feel good without needing synthetic support and I can show you how. 

I use food to feel 

As adults, eating disorders can creep up on us, particularly if we think we dealt with it in our youth. They affect both men and women, young and old.

I work with adults to help them understand and re-frame their relationship with themselves and food, so they can start to nourish themselves and experience joy.  

I use a combination of evidence-based models which also include Mindfulness, Self-compassion and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).   

I'm worried about someone 

If you're concerned about a person's excessive behaviours chances are you need support and knowledge too. Support, to maintain resilience for what can be a very chaotic time and knowledge, to know how to support someone in this situation, without making it worse.

I use my experience as a psychotherapist, addiction group facilitator, and my volunteer experience in a residential rehab, to help loved ones decide how they can best support and influence someone to decide to make a change for the better. I can also talk them through options, and provide them with strategies to support themselves through this difficult time.