Mis-managed anxiety can get in the way of life. It can make your world smaller and stop you from enjoying what life has to offer. 


"Learn to befriend anxiety and leverage it for good"

Everyone experiences anxiety. The difference is how you interpret it and what you believe it means. Dismissing, escaping and suppressing strategies provide a breeding ground for it to grow.  As terrifying as it sounds, acknowledging, accepting and befriending it are the only ways to alleviate it. You are not broken, and it is possible to recover from it. 

Do you worry about social gatherings? 

The need to be 'social' at work is increasingly challenging for people who find them anxiety provoking. As we assume more responsibility the need to be socially engaging and 'seen' in all the right places can take it's toll. 

Some people use alcohol to help them get in the mood, others create rules to abide by, and others just avoid the events all together. None of which are helpful in the long term.  

These strategies can lead to mare harmful outcomes; alcohol dependence, feeling like a fraud, increased worrying and progressive social isolation. 

Work with me and I'll help you build your confidence so you can use your inner strength to shine every time you walk into a crowded room.  

Struggle with uncertainty? 

When worry becomes the focus of your day-to-day and interferes with your ability to problem solve and plan, it's time to address it. 

I know that ambiguity can be hard to deal with but having certainty in all areas of our life is unrealistic. Life's not like that. 

Trying to control everything and having certainty with everything you touch is exhausting. However you can free up your energy by recognising what you can control and accepting what you can't. Imagine being able to use that free energy to propel yourself forward rather than staying stuck in that uncomfortable worry place.

Learn how to leverage your anxiety for good. You'll be so glad you did. 

Experiencing panic attacks?  

People rarely forget their first panic attack. Once they've had one, they tend to describe their life in two parts; before the panic attack and after it.

Panic attacks usually follow extensive 'What if...' thinking with perceived catastrophic consequences. This thought pattern also lays the groundwork for a future attack. Living in fear of an attack, which can occur at the most inconvenient times, may lead you to decline opportunities and limit new experiences.

There is no need to feel embarrassed about seeking help for thinking and feeling so afraid. It is an act of bravery to seek help and want to live more fully in what life has to offer.  

Ece, Sculptor 

I started working with Martine when I was highly anxious and started to have panic attacks. Working with Martine I was able to find myself again. Martine helped me to find clarity and calm within myself. I am much more confident with my decisions now. Life is much easier now...