How Full is Your Cup?

As life gets busier we need to deepen our reservoir of resilience

Most people go through their day and never reflect (or answer) this all-important question…

After all, they’re smart and going places, the world is at their feet.

They’re kicking goals… instead of worrying about how to extend this magical time in a healthful way.

So many get caught in this trap, but when you step onto the bus and have no sense of the destination, you’re taking a big risk of getting off at the right stop. Tough luck!

If I had a dollar for the number of people who have told me, “I wish I’d met you earlier in my career. I didn't realise I could have prevented this.”

I believe that your level of awareness is directly related to your success.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions are a direct message from your cup. 



You were thriving until recently

Now your strategies are no longer working   

You’re aware of how you feel and you have 'tried and tested' strategies that usually work for you.  

You know you need the expertise of someone who understands anxiety, business and relationships so you can explore what has changed and develop new strategies that will support you going forward.    

While you might think you should have all the answers by now, it's natural for anxiety to reveal itself to you in other ways as you grow and mature. 

I’m here to listen to you while you untangle your thoughts, help you make sense of them and then problem solve a way forward. 

You can be guaranteed I’ll be looking out for you from every angle. So you can make the changes you are comfortable with that will allow you to continue to achieve your goals.