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A sleep divorce is not your only option

Sleep studies around the world are showing the same results: almost a third of adults are not getting enough sleep, and it’s the same in Australia! In a desperate attempt to reclaim better sleep, adults are considering a sleep divorce but it needn’t be your only option.


What is a sleep divorce?

A sleep divorce refers to what is considered by many as an unusual sleeping arrangement. A couple with this type of arrangement sleep in separate beds, often in a separate room on permanent basis. While this type of arrangement is not unusual amongst shift-workers and new parents, it is considered unusual in a healthy couple who have relatively similar sleep and wake times.


While there are many reasons a couple would choose to change their sleeping arrangements, it is essentially due to one or both of the couple experiencing a change in their sleep profile. This could be where one sleep partner may become a light sleeper over time and as a result the existing sleep...

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