Caffeine & Sleep: What YOU need to know

If you’re wondering what’s keeping you up at night, it could be the amount of caffeine that you consume throughout the day. Caffeine is safe for most adults and can even have important health benefits. On the other hand, too much of it can contribute to insomnia and other sleep problems.


Luckily pure and highly concentrated caffeine food products have been illegal in Australia since December 2019. All foods in Australia that contain caffeine, need to meet the standard of 5% or less for foods that are solid or semi-solid, or 1% or less for foods that are liquid. This helps with keeping your caffeine intake down.


The average intake of caffeine in Australia is approximately 210mg per 70kg person (equivalent to approximately 2.7 250ml cups of instant coffee or 2.6 standard 250mL energy drinks). Sales of energy drinks in Australia and New Zealand increased from 34.5 million litres in 2001 to 155.6 litres in 2010 and it has been increasing ever since.



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Advantages of behaviour based goals


Everyone said 2021 was going to be a better year. And it certainly looked like it until a couple of months ago. My hometown of Sydney has been in lockdown for a number of weeks and it has forced me to re-evaluate how I set my goals, as some of them won’t be met, and that’s not for lack of effort.


How you set, frame, and execute your goals will make a big difference to your potential results. You need motivation and a plan. With any goal, you don’t always have control over the outcome. However, you do have control over the process, which is where your behavior and actions come in.


Behavior-based goals are goals that are focused more on achievable actions rather than a specific outcome. These goals help you to become the person who can achieve the results you want to achieve. When you create behavior-based goals, the process itself is the focus rather than a specific number, metric, or score.


For example, I set myself a goal of writing a...

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