Advantages of behaviour based goals


Everyone said 2021 was going to be a better year. And it certainly looked like it until a couple of months ago. My hometown of Sydney has been in lockdown for a number of weeks and it has forced me to re-evaluate how I set my goals, as some of them won’t be met, and that’s not for lack of effort.


How you set, frame, and execute your goals will make a big difference to your potential results. You need motivation and a plan. With any goal, you don’t always have control over the outcome. However, you do have control over the process, which is where your behavior and actions come in.


Behavior-based goals are goals that are focused more on achievable actions rather than a specific outcome. These goals help you to become the person who can achieve the results you want to achieve. When you create behavior-based goals, the process itself is the focus rather than a specific number, metric, or score.


For example, I set myself a goal of writing a...

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