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Life after a breakup: Landing on your feet

Someone once said that to move on after a relationship takes half the time you spent together. So, if you were in a one-year relationship, it’s okay if you take six months to reflect, reminisce and heal. 


Yet, that can be hard if the breakup was a surprise that you didn’t see coming. Often when a relationship comes to an end and you both agree that dissolving it is in the best interests for both of you, it is easier to accept even though it is still painful, and you may take time to heal. However, when it’s a surprise and not your choice, it can be hard to understand, accept and to move on from. For clients who are devastated by the ending of a relationship, it can take as long as it takes to process and heal from the experience.


From my observations, those who reach out for counselling to process the experience are keen to emerge from the experience stronger, they’re reluctant to make the same mistake again, and they’re keen to be...

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