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Too much busyness is an obstacle to a good night’s sleep

Busyness is not a virtue, nor is it a sign of productivity. And nowadays it’s also not a guaranteed sign of success either. In London, I used to work with a retail CEO who regularly reminded me that if anyone said they were very busy or too busy, it was a sign they hadn’t yet learned how to delegate or prioritize their work. Nearly 15 years later I was hearing something similar from a partner in a law firm who suggested, that if a peer said they were very busy or busy, they possibly hadn’t trained their juniors well enough. Now, these were both successful people in their own right, in very different industries, and yet they both viewed busyness as a skills gap. Not much has changed!


If you respond with ‘busy’ when asked how you are doing, then you may be taking on too much. Admittedly busy can also be a phase but in my experience once busy arrives it rarely leaves of its own accord. And when you have too much to do, it has the potential to...

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