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Get unstuck and grow your comfort zone

If you’re feeling stuck, things might feel overwhelming or even hopeless. Your to-do list may feel like an ever-growing one with nothing getting ticked off. You may even be behind at work or secretly worrying about how you are going to get it all done. 


If any of this is familiar, you’re not alone, and more importantly, you can get unstuck. 


What’s the secret to getting unstuck? Momentum. Step by step. 


What is momentum? 

  • Indecision
  • Grief
  • Dissatisfaction 
  • Disempowerment


Second, once you know the cause, you will know what it will take to embrace momentum and propel your life forward toward success.


1. The irony of indecision

If you find yourself facing a big decision or a situation in which you don’t have an answer, it can lead to indecision. Indecision can cause you to do nothing. Often when you’re paralyzed by indecision, it is most likely caused by a fear of acting before things are...

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