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8 Ways to receive a compliment, without feeling awkward

A compliment from someone you respect can often leave you feeling good… but not always. After all, how are you supposed to respond to something like that?


Someone is saying something nice about you so it should make you feel good. Not always… In fact, it can often feel very awkward and sometimes un-deserving.


Yes, accepting a compliment can be more challenging than it sounds.


Here are 8 suggestions on how you might reply so that you can become better at receiving compliments.


1. “Thank you.”

It’s straightforward, and to the point. A simple ‘thank you’ acknowledges the compliment and allows the conversation to get back on track without any awkwardness.


Sometimes it’s just as simple as that.


2. “Thanks for noticing.”

This is a great variation on ‘thank you’ and it’s useful in situations where the compliment is referring to something specific. Rather than...

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