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When conflict isn’t bullying but a difference of opinion

Successful people have learned how to handle conflict in the workplace. They deal with it like any other situation, calmly and judiciously. They see it as an opportunity to learn more about the other person and figure out how they can use the experience to progress the situation and meet their goals. Many people, however; find it hard not to react defensively or angrily. Some people even launch a counterattack and shift the blame to the critic. That approach won’t win you any friends at work nor will it help you to get ahead. 


Conflict is a part of work life whether you like it or not. According to recent research by Gallup, employees are more stressed, less tolerant and more demanding of others at work. Their research shows 43% of workers are stressed each day and one in four workers experience anger by another at work daily. All this making it increasingly likely that conflict is unavoidable in the workplace. In fact, conflict in the workplace has been steadily...

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