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5 Reasons to go to counselling unrelated to mental illness

Having successfully navigated several milestones and transitions in your life, you’re finally able to enjoy the fruits of your labour without the angst.


But, then, out of the blue, a trusted friend suggests counselling. You feel anger rising to your throat, there’s nothing wrong! I’m not ill. Or are you? Before you shut the conversation down, jump to conclusions, or question your friendship, take a moment to expand your perspective.


Why go to counselling? In my experience as a counsellor, the desire to attend counselling is often a good thing, indicating a desire to learn and grow as an individual. People reach out to counsellors for a variety of reasons, probably more than you know. If someone you trust suggests counselling, consider that it might not mean you’re helpless or that you are deficient in any way.  


Perhaps, it was suggested to you because they believe you would benefit from an external perspective or an...

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