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A loved one receives a life altering diagnosis, what to do next

crisis illness Sep 28, 2021

Upheaval. We’ve all experienced it. Sometimes it comes at us from outside, completely and utterly beyond our control. Think about pandemics, tornadoes, or stock market crashes. Sometimes it hits very close to home, such as when someone you love receives a terrifying diagnosis, or when you experience a death in the family.


Picture for a moment what it would be like if someone close to you was diagnosed with an illness with no cure, during a pandemic. Just picture how you’d feel and how you’d want to respond. That was the situation for a new client of mine who I worked with a couple of months ago. His organisation contacted me and set up a initial phone call to help one of their senior leaders organise his thoughts, ask questions and plan the return of his wife from hospital. She had been there having tests for the best part of a week before a diagnosis was given. The organisation wanted to ensure he was supported at this critical time. His wife had just...

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How to thrive during upheaval

crisis thriving upheaval Jun 29, 2021

Illness strikes. A loved one dies. A pandemic persists. The economy shifts. You lose your job.


Let’s face it, upheaval happens whether you’re ready or not. For some people, they crumble at the first hint of shifting sands. Others somehow manage to use a disaster to their benefit and succeed, even when things look their worst.  


Which are you? Do you crumble or thrive? Use these eight proven techniques, and you’ll come out on top every time.


1. Give Yourself a Break

Why are you expecting so much of yourself right now? When in crisis, recognize you’re not going to have all the answers, at least not as it unfolds. Take a step back and acknowledge that making decisions without enough information is hard and confusing. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself some time. This will help you to relax and start thinking creatively.


2. Anticipate Fear

Know this is scary. Upheaval is all about sudden change with lack of control, and...

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