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Disappointments keep you honest

As we age, we can be forgiven for thinking that certain emotions get easier to manage. While some emotions may be easier to process, disappointment continues to remind us what we truly desire when we can’t have it. We can pretend that we don’t mind if we don’t get the promotion at work, find a significant other or have THE gift under the Christmas tree, but if we experience disappointment when it doesn’t happen, we were only fooling ourselves.  


In my practice, I am often talking to people who have been disappointed by someone, something or themselves. Many of them want to make sense of their disappointment and their part it in it, so they can learn from it and get a better outcome next time. Disappointments are possible whenever we hold an expectation for ourselves or others.  


With every fresh day, there is an opportunity for new disappointments. Some opt to become pessimists, that way they never look forward to anything and...

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