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How to overcome distractions at work when you really need to focus

The average full-time worker loses more than 50 hours every month due to workplace distractions and that’s not even considering distractions outside of work. This is a lot! If you think that’s not you, then maybe this will resonate, the average person gets interrupted every 8 minutes at work, which can be up to 60 times a day depending on your hours. 


Allowing yourself to be distracted when you’re trying to focus on a task is so common that most people aren’t even aware when they’re being distracted, even just a little. They’re also unaware of how much these small distractions are affecting their productivity and even worse, work quality. So, consider the small and big distractions at your work that could be affecting your productivity.  


What is a distraction?

A distraction in simple terms is something that prevents you from concentrating on something else. So, if you aren’t focused, you’re more than...

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