5 Ways to deal with inner conflict

Is inner conflict holding you hostage? Often when we are in conflict it’s hard to make a decision without feeling you are settling in some way. Inner conflict often makes us doubt ourselves and makes us feel sluggish. It occurs when our emotions, thoughts and personal values are out of alignment. Or, looking at it another way, when our head, heart and spirituality are misaligned.


Sometimes we choose to behave in a different way to our natural ability in order to succeed and over time we become misaligned. A client recently remarked how he thought he had learned to become an introvert because of his career. However, as he was maturing, he felt he identified more with being extrovert. Needless to say this awareness led colleagues to become concerned about his welfare as he had started to demonstrate more extroverted behaviours in the office. To them he was ‘acting out of character’. Interesting choice of words!


There are many different types of inner...

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