10 Ways to Boost Productivity in the lead up to Christmas

Tomorrow is the start of December, the last month of the year and a final chance to cross items off the to-do list before you say goodbye to 2020. 


I don’t know about you, but I find this time of year tends to get really busy. Clients I haven’t heard from in a while get in contact, new clients make contact to quickly ‘fix’ a few things that have been bothering them, and I have my own personal organizing to do to be ready for my family Christmas. It all tends to speed up at this time of the year and I find myself looking forward to being able to relax on the couch watching the Christmas Special on TV. 



Wouldn’t you love to reach the Christmas break feeling like you have some energy left to spend with loved ones? Maybe even be looking forward to connecting with others rather than wishing you could be alone for a few days to regroup before celebrating Christmas? For many of my clients December presents them with the ultimate...

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How to be more efficient working from home

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, a 2019 LinkedIn survey showed that 82% of new hires wanted to work at least one day a week from home and 57% said they’d ideally like to work from home three days a week.


These numbers are now also supported by an Australian study conducted by Boston Consulting Group in June 2020, where between 41 and 60 per cent surveyed (for those who can work from home), revealed a preference that sees them doing two or three days a week from home. The difference in preferences reflected 'age and stage' of respondents, with participants over the age of 60 years preferring to work from home most days. 


Over recent years online connectivity has dramatically improved, and now working from home is a realistic and practical alternative. Everyone can benefit, but it’s not all plain sailing…here are some tips on how to be more efficient.



Set and maintain reasonable...

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