Have a partner with different sleep needs? Here's what to do


Scientists believe that each of us has a unique sleeping chronotype that puts us somewhere on the spectrum between morning lark and night owl. With more than 60% of adults sleeping with someone else, it’s unsurprising that individual sleep patterns sometimes clash.


In fact, a survey by a leading bedroom furniture company found that 75% of couples report that they go to bed at separate times up to four nights a week. The major reasons include long work hours, socializing, or online shopping and video games.


Meanwhile, more than a third of couples say they argue because their partner disturbs them or wakes them due to conflicting schedules. 


Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to a poor night's sleep just because you and your partner have incompatible bedtimes. Try these tips for enhancing your slumbers and your marital satisfaction.


Steps to take with your partner

1. Accept your differences. Individual...

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A sleep divorce is not your only option

Sleep studies around the world are showing the same results: almost a third of adults are not getting enough sleep, and it’s the same in Australia! In a desperate attempt to reclaim better sleep, adults are considering a sleep divorce but it needn’t be your only option.


What is a sleep divorce?

A sleep divorce refers to what is considered by many as an unusual sleeping arrangement. A couple with this type of arrangement sleep in separate beds, often in a separate room on permanent basis. While this type of arrangement is not unusual amongst shift-workers and new parents, it is considered unusual in a healthy couple who have relatively similar sleep and wake times.


While there are many reasons a couple would choose to change their sleeping arrangements, it is essentially due to one or both of the couple experiencing a change in their sleep profile. This could be where one sleep partner may become a light sleeper over time and as a result the existing sleep...

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