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How to be more efficient working from home

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, a 2019 LinkedIn survey showed that 82% of new hires wanted to work at least one day a week from home and 57% said they’d ideally like to work from home three days a week.


These numbers are now also supported by an Australian study conducted by Boston Consulting Group in June 2020, where between 41 and 60 per cent surveyed (for those who can work from home), revealed a preference that sees them doing two or three days a week from home. The difference in preferences reflected 'age and stage' of respondents, with participants over the age of 60 years preferring to work from home most days. 


Over recent years online connectivity has dramatically improved, and now working from home is a realistic and practical alternative. Everyone can benefit, but it’s not all plain sailing…here are some tips on how to be more efficient.



Set and maintain reasonable...

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8 Signs of 'Lockdown Burnout'​ to watch out for

In March 2020, Australia closed its borders and so our love-hate relationship with ‘Lockdown’ began. I remember in the early stages people were happy to be working from home. There seemed to be extra energy in the air. It meant being able to put on a load of washing before the 10am video-conference call, spending more time with family, getting more sleep due to decreased commute times and feeling a little bit ‘naughty’ wearing comfortable clothes rather than the 'corporate outfit' while negotiating a million-dollar deal. Now nine months on, many are keen to get back to their office, sit at their desk and chat to colleagues in the corridor. Sadly many are being told this won't be possible until mid-2021. Others are quite content to be working from home indefinitely.


Whatever your situation, it is more important than ever that we recognise nobody is immune from burnout and that we are vigilant around the signs of burnout for ourselves,...

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