Recover from job burnout and life satisfaction fatigue and reconnect to who you are and what you love.

Job burnout and lifestyle fatigue can happen to anyone. It usually occurs over a long period of time and can go unnoticed for ages. What came first, job burnout or lifestyle fatigue? Who knows, but what I do know is that job burnout and lifestyle fatigue usually influence each other because they are so interconnected in our western world.


If you feel sick in the stomach, lacking energy, experience brain fog, and have become more cynical in your day to day then you most likely are experiencing job burnout and lifestyle fatigue. This is especially true if your routines have become harder to keep. 


The good news is that in order to recover from job burnout and lifestyle fatigue, you only have to make a few simple changes. Wholesale change is not required. Not acting on your job burnout and lifestyle fatigue can lead to more serious consequences which are harder to come back from.


Job burnout and lifestyle fatigue won’t get better if you ignore it. You have to act. See an experienced professional to naturally reverse your job burnout and lifestyle fatigue, because life’s too short to feel sick in the stomach, when you don’t have to.


According to a Gallup study, 28% of full-time employees feel burned out at work, and 44% feel burned out sometimes (this was before COVID)

Gallup, 2018


Veronica - Senior Policy Advisor

"I had been with my current employer for over 10 years and was feeling stuck. This coincided with having a hard time with a difficult manager which left me feeling insecure, indecisive and lacking confidence,

After I started working with Martine I recognised the value of my strengths and other aspects I was so desperately trying to change.

I learned how to capitalise on my strengths in practical and constructive ways so I could fill my days with activities I enjoy.

Tonia - Floral Stylist & Businesswoman 

"For some time I felt frustrated with myself. I was at a major crossroads in my life and very wary about taking the next step and uncertain what it should be. I had fallen out of love with my career.

I had become increasingly dissatisfied with my work like and felt burnt out.

Since working with Martine I am a different version of myself now and I don't feel the limitations that I felt before.

I am refreshed, confident and certain that I am moving in the right direction.

Working with Martine was an awakening, it was long overdue."

Hi there, 

Job burnout & lifestyle fatigue is real and nobody is immune.    

In order to keep ourselves well, the communication between our body, brain and spirit needs to flow.

As soon as you disconnect those communication channels, by ignoring how you feel, you lose the ability to accurately interpret how you feel. Your internal coping resources burn out, until there's nothing left.

It's easily done, especially amongst the knowledge worker population. 

Here's the kicker - it's not your job or your family and friends who put you in this situation. It's you! 

As a result, it's you who has to make the changes. 



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