How to Sleep Better for Adults

Harness the Power of Sleep to lift your productivity and engagement

One of the fastest ways to better health and wellbeing is through the healing powers of sleep.

However most adults underestimate the role of sleep, preferring to adopt short-cut strategies which are either harmful in the long-term or hard to maintain, resulting in little to no improvement and an ongoing frustration with sleep.

In the How to Sleep Better Online Program you’ll learn how to combine sleep best practice with your sleep needs, which will keep you energised and engaged in your busy life naturally. You will unlock your sleep code which you can then adapt based on your changing needs i.e. work, family or travel. 

Unlike other sleep programs that prescribe one way of achieving a healthy night’s sleep, this program shows you how you can shape your sleep regime based on your needs, which don’t always stay the same. The program combines the latest sleep research, step-by-step worksheets and group coaching so you can fully explore your sleep needs, abilities and opportunities to sleep.

And the best part is, you can do it online, with others who are also looking to improve their sleep experience. Whether you have always struggled to sleep or it is a recent thing for you, the content and structure of this program will teach you how to diagnose your sleep challenge, the steps you need to take to improve your sleep experience and how to make adjustments to meet changing environment needs.




Work directly with Martine

Your shortcut to enjoying a healthy night of sleep naturally

According to a 2019 Sleep Health Foundation Report, 60% of Australians report troubles with sleep. But unfortunately most of them do not seek help until they start to experience a chronic illness. 

They want to sleep better but they don't know how to do it. It's difficult to know what they can or should try. And it's hard to do it on your own particularly when you have setbacks.

For others, they haven't noticed that they sleep badly, but it's like an invisible thread unravelling them. They want to be the best they can be, but they're sleep deprived and emotional. They've noticed their clothes are getting tighter and they're always hungry but they're putting off dealing with the issue. 

If any of these issues describe where you are at right now... I get it. I was once there too. 

With my sleep experience and specialist sleep training, I want to help you take care of yourself and unlock your unique sleep code so you can always rely on a healthy night of sleep. 

This is what our focus will be when work together on your lack of sleep.














What past clients say about working with me

I hope to add your feedback here soon!


Jeanette, Retired Executive

After so many years of not being able to go to sleep and stay asleep, I was really sceptical that Martine could help me. Initially there was a small change however with Martine's encouragement my sleep continued to improve and I managed to consistently sleep for 6 hours!

The benefit of this was that I did not feel so tired and I felt calmer and more optimistic.

Martine continued to encourage me and I managed to sleep for 7 hours! A miracle!

I am so grateful I found Martine and she has been able to help me. I now have confidence I can get my sleep back on track naturally, if I continue to follow the regime that was suggested for me. 

Joanne, Marketing Consultant

Thanks for the coaching session as part of the sleep program.

I’ve had ‘sleep issues’ all my life and been taking medication for a long time.

Your insights were incredible. I now understand my attitude to sleeping tablets; how they are a part controlling my life.

In the past I have been unable to unlock the dependence. Now I can see a new way of living. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve been able to halve my dosage and still fall asleep. I have a clear goal and am committed to reaching deep restful sleep unaided by drugs.
(Four months later Joanne is on half of her sleep medication).