The best sleep requires no thought - sadly many people struggle to achieve a restorative night's sleep, on a regular basis. 


"Insomnia is adaptive, let me teach you how to sleep well"

Sleep is involved is every biological function of the body and it is fundamental to wellbeing.  Without regular restorative sleep we risk our health, safety and all we hold dear.  Studies show that a psychological approach to sleep is more effective in the long-term than medication.  If you are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep there is a natural solution for you. 

I sleep when I have time

You have a chaotic sleep/wake schedule because of what work demands of you and your need to socialise with friends and family. You sense that continuing living this way will be harmful to your health and possibly your career down the track.

I can help you devise a sleep/wake schedule that will provide you with the opportunities you need to sleep and the natural energy and focus you need while you're awake. It is possible once you know how!

I can't sleep without... 

Your sleep history up until recently was pretty good.  However you've noticed you haven't been sleeping as well as you normally do.  You've started to worry about how you're not sleeping naturally.  You're concerned your strategies to sleep better (pills, alcohol etc.) are not a long term solution.

You'd like some assistance to get your sleep habits back on track so you can enjoy regular restorative sleeps.  You're also keen to avoid other unhealthy habits which might be developing as a result of your poor sleep. 

I'm a bad sleeper - nothing works

Your sleep history is patchy. In fact you struggle to remember a time, in recent years, when you woke up feeling refreshed. 

Your work-arounds have been exhausted, and you're concerned about how your day-to-day-functioning is being impacted. You're tired of feeling tired. You're going to bed earlier, yet still struggling to sleep. You're socialising less in the hope it'll help you sleep better. Yet nothing works! 

Insomnia is adaptive. I work with clients to determine whether their sleep issue is a result of opportunity, need or ability, and provide strategies to re-learn how to sleep that go beyond sleep hygiene factors. 

Jeanette, Retired Executive

After so many years of not being able to sleep and stay asleep, I was really sceptical that Martine could help me. Initially there was a small change however with Martine's encouragement my sleep continued to improve and I managed to consistently sleep for six hours! Martine continued to encourage me and I managed to sleep for 7 hours! A miracle!...