Find out how you can achieve healthy sleep without the supplements, medication or sleep aids.

Sleep is a biopsychosocial activity and needs a biopsychosocial approach to resolve sleep problems. 

Say goodbye to sleep problems and regain your sleep confidence, without being dependent on a sleep aid. 

Sleep aids mask the underlying issue causing your sleep problem and if you ignore it for long enough, it can really take hold making it harder to overcome when your sleep aid no longer works.


If you are using a sleep aid to avoid dealing with your sleep problem, e.g. get to sleep, stay asleep or to wake feeling refreshed, then you do need to look at the underlying issue preventing you from sleeping naturally. Even if using a sleep aid has just become a habit. 


Sleep occurs when a combination of biological and psychological systems work in tandem to complement one another. If you are experiencing sleep problems, it is a sign that they are out of balance and need re-calibrating.


The longer you leave your sleep problem, the longer it will take to overcome it, possibly causing more harm in the meantime. Insomnia, a catch-all diagnosis for sleep problems, is diagnosed after a month of sleep problems, waking tired or feeling tired throughout the day.


Research shows that psychological approaches to sleep problems is more effective in the long term than sleep aids or medication.


If you would like to resolve your sleep problem naturally then you may benefit from proven psychological approaches instead of relying on a sleep aid. So book your Sleep Well Planning Call below.

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