What past clients say about working with me

I hope to add your feedback here soon!


Simon, Partner, International Law Firm

Martine is a great communicator. I found her easy to talk to and 'down to earth'. She challenged me at times, when she needed to, and provided support when appropriate.

Martine helped me to quickly make a positive impact in a new firm at partnership level.

Her candid insights and support provided me with motivation to address challenging behaviours of more senior practitioners and resolve interpersonal conflicts rather than work around them.

Conversations with Martine helped me organise my thoughts and prioritise my activities to maximise my marketing efforts.

With Martine's support I was able to maintain focus and intentionally build a large international practice which I am proud of. 

Dawn, Marketing Executive

I Initially connected with Martine when I was at a crossroads in my career. I was experiencing a great deal of self-doubt, anxiety, stress, and ambiguity with my job. I came to Martine with a narrow career focus, but I found that her coaching was much broader and more about me as a person; not only me in a professional sense but me as I was showing up in other areas of my life, e.g. wife, mother, friend. Martine challenged me to look inwards to understand and learn what it was that was actually holding me back.

Martine helped me with strategies to focus on moving forward, things to help me calm my mind, and to help me manage my stress levels.

The result was a clear understanding of some key focus areas and what I needed to do to improve in those areas, I have benefitted greatly from my work with Martine and I would highly recommend her coaching service to others, 

Veronica, Senior Policy Adviser

I had been with my current employer for over 10 years and was feeling stuck. This coincided with having a hard time with a difficult manager which left me feeling insecure, indecisive and lacking confidence,

After I started working with Martine I recognised the value of my strengths and other aspects I was so desperately trying to change.

Martine helped me recognise my mental and emotional needs and showed me how I could capitalise on my strengths in practical and constructive ways so I could fill my days with activities I enjoy.

Martine is like a matchmaker between you and your actual self!

Karen, Self-employed Businesswoman

I chose to work with Martine because she was a Coach and Psychotherapist and I was specifically looking to work with a woman. Since working with Martine I have grown up emotionally. I am better at balancing my empathy and managing my energy.

Martine helped me find my calmness and solidity which is now emerging.

Working with Martine was fun; I laughed and cried a lot!

Martine created the space for me to safely explore and I always felt in control of the process. I particularly liked Martine's excellent and insightful questions. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions. She challenged me and encouraged me to challenge myself. 

As a result of working with Martine I have gained more confidence in my work, it's stronger and healthier, and I found a mentor without even trying! I got far more than I ever imagined possible from our time together. 

Ece, Artist & Accountant

I started working with Martine when I was highly anxious and started to have panic attacks. I had resigned from my management role in hospitality to transition to the role of an accountant. The change was difficult for me, I was overwhelmed and I had no local family support. I had lost my self-confidence and was struggling with time management. I felt very confused.

Working with Martine I was able to find myself again. Martine helped me to find clarity and calm within myself. I am much more confident with my decisions now.

Life is much easier.

Even though English is my second language she made me feel super comfortable and safe from the beginning. She understood me perfectly. 

I like the way she uses visual images to explain things which is very helpful to me. I am better at managing my priorities and I feel much calmer. 

Tonia, Floral Stylist & Businesswoman 

For some time I felt frustrated with myself. I was at a major crossroads in my life and very wary about taking the next step and uncertain what it should be. I had fallen out of love with my career.

I had become increasingly dissatisfied with my work like and felt burnt out.

Since working with Martine I am more certain about my career than ever. I am now comfortable and confident with recognising my strengths and now I understand the decisions I made in the past. I am now confidently building a business in the same industry but it's different.

I am a different version of myself now and I don't feel the limitations that I felt before.

I am refreshed, confident and certain that I am moving in the right direction. I would recommend working with Martine as an invaluable investment to anyone who is experiencing uncertainty about the way forward in their professional life, or to any young people that are confused about what direction to take, 

Working with Martine was an awakening, it was long overdue.

Jeanette, Retired Executive

After so many years of not being able to go to sleep and stay asleep, I was really sceptical that Martine could help me. Initially there was a small change however with Martine's encouragement my sleep continued to improve and I managed to consistently sleep for 6 hours!

The benefit of this was that I did not feel so tired and I felt calmer and more optimistic.

Martine continued to encourage me and I managed to sleep for 7 hours! A miracle!

I am so grateful I found Martine and she has been able to help me. I now have confidence I can get my sleep back on track naturally, if I continue to follow the regime that was suggested for me. 

Joanne, Marketing Consultant

Thanks for the coaching session as part of the sleep program.

I’ve had ‘sleep issues’ all my life and been taking medication for a long time.

Your insights were incredible. I now understand my attitude to sleeping tablets; how they are a part controlling my life.

In the past I have been unable to unlock the dependence. Now I can see a new way of living. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve been able to halve my dosage and still fall asleep. I have a clear goal and am committed to reaching deep restful sleep unaided by drugs.
(Four months later Joanne is on half of her sleep medication).