Sometimes our career dictates our lifestyle. It doesn't have to. You can change how you relate to stress. You can be successful, experience pleasure and be less stressed. 


"I can help you become the professional that no firm can resist"

No matter what your career need; I have led my own teams; worked with leadership teams to identify talented individuals; and, I have worked one-on-one with individuals across the career lifespan, to prepare them for their next role. I know what organisations are looking for and I can help you develop the qualities and skills you need to get noticed and progress. 

Looking to build the platform?

You have just stepped up in to a new role or you're proactively planning for a promotion and you need more strategies and skills in your toolbox.

Instinctively you know you need to prepare yourself for the added resilience you sense you're going to need. 

Working with me I can help you work out which behaviours have passed their 'use by date' and introduce you to more effective approaches for the challenges that may lay ahead. 

Going to lean in or step out?

You have been successful up until now yet you fear you have started to stagnate. Your peers are moving on to more exciting things yet your trajectory seems to have lost its puff.   

I know how frustrating it can be when you've doe everything you were asked to do, yet not progressing like you'd hoped or expected to.

I take clients through a process to uncover their invisible obstacles and help them to find alternative approaches so they can get their career back on track. 

Married to the job? 

Your single-minded focus is a gift and a curse. A gift because it has provided so many opportunities for which you are really grateful. A curse because it has come at the expense of something else in your life. It could be relationship, health or a general sense of wellbeing.

For whatever reason, you have decided to make some changes but you don't want to risk your reputation or key relationships in the process.

I can support and guide you through the questions you need to be asking yourself to work out what a sustainable lifestyle looks like for you and how to position it to others who may not be so thrilled with your decision. 

Simon, Partner, International Law Firm

Martine helped me to quickly make a positive impact in a new firm at partnership level. With Martine's support I was able to maintain focus and intentionally build a large international practice which I am proud of. 

Dawn, Marketing Executive

I initially connected with Martine when I was at a crossroads in my career.  Martine challenged me to look inwards to challenge to understand and learn what it was that was actually holding me back. I would highly recommend her coaching services to others. 

3 Huge Mistakes 

That almost everyone makes when they try to decrease their stress levels.