Supporting city professionals to make positive changes in their life

Building self-esteem and confidence one conversation at a time

Straight talking

I am compassionate but I won't let you off the hook. I'll help you find a safe way to address what you're avoiding.

Solution focused

I believe it's important for clients to feel like they're moving forward, no matter how small the steps.

Evidence based

I love to study and I have more models than I need. We just need to find the ones that speak to you, to support your goals. 


Some clients don't need therapy, however they value the depth of knowledge I bring to their coaching conversation.

Often they know what they need to do, yet can't seem to execute on it for one reason or another. I help them uncover and diffuse the invisible roadblocks so they can continue to grow.  

I have specialist expertise in career, leadership and practice building skills with service based professionals, particularly small business, lawyers and consultants. 

Counselling & Psychotherapy 

My practice specialises in working with city-based professionals experiencing anxiety.  Their anxiety may manifest in a range of ways however it typically shows up in large social gatherings, issues with time management, striving and not achieving, intrusive thoughts impacting productivity, disrupted sleep, fear of missing out in relationships, boredom and loneliness. 

Often clients have ignored how they feel hoping it will go away with the next achievement, only to find it grows.

Anxiety can be an odd feeling if you are used to being in control and knowing what to do.

My work is conversational and it involves helping clients understand the role of their anxiety, how to quieten it, and how to leverage it for positive outcomes. 

Contact Martine

If you have questions about your specific needs, contact Martine to discuss them. 


Self-paced and group online programs 

I have combined my work experiences and training to develop a series of self-paced learning for people who are self-starters and want to make changes.

The courses are stand-alone or can be combined with coaching (optional) if that is needed.   

External presentations and workshops

I provide engaging, practical presentations and in-house workshops on stress related challenges employees, leaders, and organisations may face. Session topics and timings are tailored to the client needs. 

Contact Martine to discuss your presentation or workshop needs

You don't need to have a defined topic.  I'm happy to brainstorm it with you!


Practitioner Education, College of Law 

New Lawyer Summit 2018

The summit was a huge success.  You were the rock-star of the event.  I had a number of attendees tell me how much your session resonated with them, and one said that your session felt like 5 minutes!

International Litigation Firm

Lawyer Wellbeing presentation

Just to say Martine was fabulous!  We had such positive feedback from staff already about the presentation and can't thank her enough. 

Construction Firm Leader 

Mindful Self-Compassion for Leaders

I found the session really beneficial and it made me think about how my own self-compassion doesn't just impact me, but how I work with our team.